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TVD Report offers the most comprehensive analyses of linear video distribution for more than 65 countries representing more than 15,000 TV channels from around the world.

Programmers - Your growth will come from overseas!

Most research firms agree, the worldwide pay-tv market is exploding. More than 200 million new pay-tv households will come from countries outside the U.S. over the next 5 years.

Affiliate fees from international markets are hard to quantify. A conservative estimate of $0.01 per subscriber would yield $24 million annually.

Given those kinds of numbers - and the relatively stagnant U.S. market, - it’s hardly a surprise that most programmers are working to expand globally. The question is: How to do that in a way that maximizes opportunities and minimizes risk.

 That’s where the latest product from MediaBiz, a company well known for its U.S. affiliate sales database product "MediaCensus" (now owned by SNL Kagan), comes in. Our newly developed global affiliate sales database called "TVD Report" offers programmers a primed sales pipeline as well as an accurate and transparent monitoring of existing cable network distribution.

Our TVD Report provides answers to important questions such as:

  • Where is my network? Where is it not?
  • Are my distributed networks under contract?
  • What Package or Tier are my networks within?
  • Where is my competition?
  • Am I missing any key pools of international subscribers?
  • How can I effectively boost my ad sales via enhanced distribution?

Global affiliate sales database

The TVD Report from MediaBiz helps programmers monitor existing international distribution, enter new markets and enhance existing distribution.

Access anytime, anywhere

Delivered via a dedicated iOS app, as well as web, tablet and mobile sites, TVD Report is used across all departments and throughout all levels of leading media companies.


MediaBiz combines the most accurate information with the latest delivery platforms to bridge the gap between research and timely research giving sales all the tools they need to close the deal.

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